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5 ways to boost your home’s value

There are easy ways to increase the value of your home without having to extend the property. Want to find out more? Boost your home’s value by using the footprint it already has.

1. Install new windows and doors

If it’s looking a little outdated, having new windows and doors are sure to add the “wow” factor to your home. Double or triple glazed doors and windows will keep the property warm and give it a great look from the outside. This type of glazing can also reduce outside noise while improving the energy rating. If your home is dark on the inside, roof lights or large windows will lighten those dark corners. How about sliding or bi-folding doors to create a bigger room and more space to enjoy?

2. Knock a wall down

An open plan dining room, kitchen and lounge can also add value to your home. Create a huge space along with a more modern look by knocking a wall or walls down. If the kitchen is the hub of the home, having an open plan space is ideal for families or when entertaining guests. A professional builder will make sure building regulations are in place so your home looks good and much more spacious.

3. Upgrade the boiler

Energy efficient boilers are both cost-effective and appeal to future buyers. For family homes, combi boilers are a good bet. They are easy to use and can also save you cash. If you feel your home isn’t being heated economically, get in touch with reliable plumbers who can assess the situation. Always use a professional plumber or plumbing firm to install a new boiler. Make sure your present boiler doesn’t just need a good servicing, why spend unnecessary cash if there’s no need to?

4. Should I build an extension or do a conversion?

Before deciding to build an extension or a conversion to your property, do a little research. Do you need planning permission? Check with the local council before you go ahead. If you wish to add a garden room or build an extension, it will attract potential buyers. This added floor space can be used for guests or as a den for your children. How about converting your garage into a living area or study? Professional builders can help with any ideas.

5. Parking off road

Parking can be a nightmare on today’s busy roads so why not turn the front of the property into a driveway? More buyers will be attracted by this as most drivers prefer to garage their vehicles or at least keep them off the roads. Always use professional builders to do any work which might require permission from the council. Building firms have to make sure they stick to the regulations and rules when building driveways or garages.