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Bricks & Mortar has launched a new scheme to support frontline NHS key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many workers find themselves unable to go home for fear of spreading the virus and this puts them in the difficult position of needing to find accommodation. Bricks & Mortar’s new scheme is designed to provide free, quality accommodation for NHS key workers who need somewhere to stay while they help to combat this deadly disease.

“We’re a community focused agency and we’re committed to supporting our NHS heroes,” explained Bricks & Mortar Managing Director, Stuart Nickloes.

“Working alongside our landlords, we wanted to ensure as many of our NHS key workers as possible have the chance to get a good night’s sleep and relax in between their critical care in a safe, comfortable and conveniently-located place to call home after their shifts.”




Many NHS workers don’t feel comfortable returning to home due to their increased risk of carrying the virus. Many have children and vulnerable relatives who live in their homes and the risk of returning is just too high and poses a real worry.

What Bricks & Mortar are hoping to do is provide NHS workers with a ‘home-from-home’ where they can feel safe and be in close proximity to their workplace. Being at high risk of the virus is worrying enough, without the added concern of potentially sharing the virus with family at home.

Bricks & Mortar have a range of empty properties which are available to key workers on the front line, providing them with the home they need in between shifts. Rather than being forced to rent a room in a hotel or an apartment for however long this may last, Bricks & Mortar want to remove this additional stress by giving their empty properties to NHS key workers throughout this difficult time.

“Community is something very close to our hearts and now more so than ever,” continued Stuart.

“All of us are fighting this together and we wanted to be able to give something back to those fighting on the frontline. We can’t thank them enough for their efforts and even if we can play a small part in easing their struggles by providing a free place to stay, we hope this scheme can help.

“Any NHS key worker who wants to find out more and benefit from this scheme should get in touch and we’ll do all we can to find a safe, conveniently located and free place to stay.”




Bricks & Mortar are also calling for property owners across North East who have a furnished flat, house or block of flats available to join with them and get involved.

“We’re offering our services and management fee for free’ explained Stuart. “We’ll facilitate and manage them on behalf of the owners to make it as easy as possible for people to offer their support”.

To get involved in the scheme call Peter on 0790 3758468 or email