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Hadrian’s Tower: High Life Living at the Heart of Newcastle’s Regeneration

Hadrian’s Tower is an exceptional investment opportunity for anyone looking to add Newcastle-based properties to their portfolio. Offering luxurious living and an attractive return on investment for those looking to bolster their property range, the apartments in Hadrian’s Tower present a unique and interesting development option. Anyone looking at this property for purchasing will benefit from:

  • A city centre location
  • Unbeatable views
  • Unique lifestyle opportunity, as well as housing
  • Exceptional standard new build properties
  • Top rental location with high demand
  • Rental yield guarantee (7% net yield guaranteed for five years)


Regeneration in Newcastle

Newcastle is the regional capital of the North East of England and has access to 1.6 million people living within just 45 minutes of the city. Intercity connections come in the form of roads, rail and via Newcastle Airport.

Development and regeneration city is largely based around the location Hadrian’s Tower calls home and there are two main areas of exciting regeneration:

Science Central

Scient Central or the Science and Civic Zone is linked to the University of Newcastle. The University has successfully secured funding from a range of sources to develop and construct the Science and Civic Phase of the Science Park over the next few years. The project development is said to be worth around £350m and will be a mixed-use development.

The other development is the Business School Zone. This is a huge development right by Hadrian’s Tower. Is it part of the Science Central Regeneration Project and is bringing exciting regeneration to the former Newcastle Breweries area. The Business School Zone includes a high-rise campus. The full development incorporates Newcastle Universities’ Business School, 1800 accommodation units for students, the Sandman Signature Hotel and a vast array of leisure and retail units. This flourishing development is already fully operational and provides great opportunities for local residents and visitors to the city.

St James’ Boulevard

St James’ Boulevard began as a regeneration corridor in the 1990s and it was fully completed by 2010. The whole area includes a large 12-storey car park, Waterloo Square Hotel, mixed-purpose accommodation at Citygate and the Dance City leisure facility. The corridor helps to extend the gateway to the City from the old City Wall Line.

Hadrian’s Tower: An Optimal Central Location

Hadrian’s Tower is perfectly located to take advantage of the regenerated areas. It is in the heart of the regeneration and provides the highest quality of accommodation for people looking to live in the city centre.

Whether looking for your own home or an investment opportunity, the luxurious apartments in Hadrian’s Tower are a fantastic investment. Whether working at the university or elsewhere in the city, it is a prime location for all.

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