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How to Craft the Perfect Video Viewing

Video tours have become increasingly popular, even as regular viewings have been allowed to restart. Potential buyers can get a real feel for a property when a video tour is put together well and provides a clear view of the property’s best features.

While lockdown has settled, there are still some concerns about visiting properties, especially those which are still being lived in, so video viewings are more important than ever before. Some potential buyers may be put off if they can’t see inside the house, but many have come round and are more confident in bidding on or putting an offer in for a property they haven’t been able to see in person.

If you’re looking to record your own home video viewing then you can easily get started, with your smartphone probably capable of taking a good enough video for most potential buyers. Also be sure to keep these top tips in mind for creating great and effective property videos:

1.    Video Each Room Individually

Taking a separate video of each room allows you to give a clearer picture of their size and dimensions. Each room clip can be just 10 seconds or so but it will help to create a better sense of the rooms individually. If you video each room one by one you won’t need to keep reshooting if a change happens in one of your rooms, such as repairs or maintenance prior to sale.

2.    Keep it a Head Height

Keep the camera as still as possible as you walk around. This may seem like common sense but there are many property videos out there where the camera shoots from corner to ceiling, switching from side to side too regularly which doesn’t give a true picture of the rooms. Instead, hold the camera around head height and keep it there, turned to landscape for the best possible view of each room. Imagine you were walking around a room and what you’d see and position your camera as close to that as possible.

3.    Stay Steady

A steady walk around the property is essential to mimic how you would walk round if you were viewing. Enter each room and slowly turn the camera from side to side so you give a full picture of the room. It doesn’t matter how slowly you do it as that will simply give viewers the chance to pore over your property a little more.

4.    Show off your Features

If your property has any key features or special points of interest which will boost the chances of sale, then be sure to take extra time over them.

The videoing process doesn’t end when you press stop. You will need to do some light editing or if you can’t do this yourself then speak to your lettings or sales agency who should be able to help with this.