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How to Let or Sell your Home Quickly

There are times of the year when selling or letting your home can be more tricky than usual. These void periods are something that all landlords and agencies are aware, but it can be frustrating if you’re trying to move quickly or find new tenants to boost your income. The best time to sell your home or find new tenants will vary but there are ways you can make it a more attractive prospect. Below we’re looking more closely at how you can get a quick sale or let your home quickly without compromising too much on price.

Home Staging makes all the Difference

People looking to move home want to be able to imagine themselves living in your property. This means it needs to look like a real and liveable environment. Home staging can help with this as it helps to show off the property in its best possible light and prospective tenants or owners can get a real feel for the place.

Hiring a professional photographer is key to good interior styling and you can also consider hiring a stylish or designer to get your property in shape before bringing in the photographer. Some of the most important staging tips include:

  1. Maintain a comfortable temperature – viewers walking into a cold house will be immediately put off. If you’re not living in the property set the thermostat to automatically heat up the home to a regular temperature.
  2. Neutral fragrances are the best option – while you may have a large collection of essential oils or wax melts, you can’t be sure they are to the taste of potential buyers or tenants. Keep scents light and neutral.
  3. Light your fire – if you’re lucky enough to have a log fire or wood burning stove it is the perfect way to add a homely and inviting touch.

Small Fixes can be Huge

Regular maintenance and a good level of care show in all properties so keep on top of those small fixes. Chipped tiles or scratched paint may be fine for you, but they don’t create a good impression for viewings. A to-do list of all those small jobs should be put together so you can quickly and easily make these fixes and enhance that first impression for all viewers.

Curb Appeal Counts

Trim and prune all unwieldy plants and bushes, helping to ensure a clean and fresh appearance to both the front and back gardens of your property. Fixing fencing and missing paving stones should also be top of the priority list.

Keep Pets Away

While you love your furry friends, they aren’t likely to have a positive impact on your sale or rental. Eager greetings and the slightest smell of dog or cat can be extremely off-putting, even for other animal lovers. Even if you simply send them next-door to a kind neighbour during viewings and make the effort to clear up all hair and dander, it will improve those first impressions of your home.

Become a Marketing Maven

The property description and photography matter. Your letting or sales agency can help you with these but it doesn’t hurt to do all you can to market and promote your property too. This could be as simple as sharing the property listing on your social media and asking others to share further. The more you do to promote the property’s advertisement, the quicker the chances of the right person finding it and calling it their new home.

A quick sale or letting is something all of us want, as we’re eager to get into our new homes or start generating a rental income. These tips will help make your home as appealing as possible, helping to attract the right kinds of viewer and hopefully, as quick as possible a transaction.