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Instant Property Valuations, use your fingers rather than your feet

Instant Property Valuations, use Your fingers rather than your feet

Whether you’re thinking about selling or letting a property, how about using the services of a reputable hybrid estate agent? It’s so much easier than trawling around estate agents in a busy High Street. Getting in touch with a recommended estate agent via the internet is much better than going it alone.

Here are seven reasons why using an online local estate agent is such a good idea.

  1. Stress-free home valuation – get a free instant valuation at home without committing to an estate agent. It’s so much easier and more convenient than having to visit estate agents in person. Check out free instant home valuation tools online to give you a strong idea of the value of your property before you decide to sell. In just a few clicks you can find out exactly what your property is worth.
  2. Expertise – experienced online property management companies have a wealth of information about the local housing market. A dedicated team will know all about recent sale prices, valuations, chartered surveyor’s contacts as well as what their competitors are offering.
  3. Expect professional marketing, selling and negotiation skills – using an online property management firm that has experience in this field can save you cash. Local knowledge is the key especially in terms of general house prices and the ability to make property valuation comparisons.
  4. Preparation – going it alone with a DIY sales approach could put off a lot of serious buyers. Knowledgeable property management companies on the web offer the best possible chance of finding you the right buyer for your property at the best possible sale price. They invest heavily in maximising their clients’ expectations in order to save you time and money.
  5. Speed – at the end of the day a reliable estate agent can sell your home much faster than you can. Their online property register/database generally includes a large number of contacts who are looking for a house to buy. They also have access to numerous surveyors, conveyancing solicitors, mortgage advisers, builders as well as removal firms.
  6. Tips – a property management company can give you specific tips on how to make your home more desirable to buyers. This could be anything from a quick interior decoration job or tidying up the garden. They will explain how to get the best possible price, handle viewings and take responsibility for inviting strangers into your property, which removes any safety issues.
  7. Conveyancing chain – when selling a property there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a conveyancing chain. Don’t worry, online estate agents don’t just find a buyer. They also keep you involved during the legal conveyancing chain to ensure everything is running smoothly regarding the sale of your property. Property management experts can assist conveyancing solicitors with a whole host of issues while chasing other parties within the chain.