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Keeping Connections Alive when We’re Forced to be Distant

As the lockdown continues, it is understandable that we’re all missing our loved ones and friends. COVID-19 has transformed the way our world works, and we’ve all had to adapt very quickly. This doesn’t mean our emotions have changed however, and we still crave the connections we’ve always been used to. Here we’re looking at some ways you can keep connected, with your loved ones and the community, whilst maintaining the social distancing we are obliged to keep to.

1.    Be Part of the Rainbow Trail

Around the country children are missing their friends, their teachers and their wider family. To brighten up everyone’s day on their daily walk, many are now putting rainbows up in their windows and creating a bright and positive display for everyone to enjoy as they walk along. These Newcastle schoolchildren have even added a little singalong to their rainbows, which became an instant hit online. Some people are going as far as chalking the outside of their houses in a range of rainbow colours while many other houses have cute rainbows in the window. It’s a great way of showing solidarity and community spirit in difficult times.

2.    Strengthen your Home Bonds

If you’re regularly out and about as part of your daily life, then it can be tricky to adjust to so much time at home. One way to combat this is to focus on the relationships within your own home. Whether that’s dedicated no-screen time with the whole family, where you get to enjoy each other’s company or truly enjoying family dinner time without your head being elsewhere, it is important to cherish the little things during this time.

3.    Reach Out

Sometimes a quick text or a “how are you?” can change someone’s day. We really should make more time to check in on each other when we’re physically unable to do so. Letting others know you really are thinking about them will provide a little light in their day and it’ll give you a chance to enjoy a little social time and feel better too. Keeping things light-hearted in such a stressful time is recommended too.

4.    Remember the Lost Art of Letter Writing

You probably can’t remember the last time you wrote a letter by hand can you? Chances are the kids have never had the chance to do so and it’s a wonderful and heartfelt way of keeping in touch with the family. There’s a certain kind of excitement that comes along with receiving a letter that hard to explain. Why not give it a try and find out how it feels for yourself as you stay in touch old-school style.

5.    Get to Know Yourself

How often does anyone get the chance to really spend time with themselves and appreciate it? Solitude can be a very positive experience if you approach it in the right way. It’s a chance to engage with yourself and learn to love your own company. It is very easy to become preoccupied by negativity and loneliness, but if you approach solitude in a positive way it could be a really enjoyable experience. Whether this means committing time to puzzle games, learning new skills or dedicating yourself to making the most of your daily exercise, you can find exactly what works for you.