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Outdoor Space at a Premium for Home Seekers

It’s always been important to us and others in the property industry to understand exactly what homeowners are looking for. Traditionally a good-sized kitchen and open plan living have been popular with most people looking for a new home. However, trends seem to be changing, in no small part due to the lockdown brought into place due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Rightmove has conducted significant research into both sales and rental sectors, using data from their site to see what kinds of properties people are searching for. Priorities have changed for many renters and those looking to buy a home, and Rightmove’s research even shows that the lockdown has impacted many people’s preferences for future properties and what they may look for in a future home.


More Outdoor Space Essential

The thing that has impacted most due to the lockdown is buyers and renters want more outdoor space, bigger gardens or at least access to a yard of some form. People also want homes with more space for homeworking and more dedicated office space. Proximity to parks and open spaces has become more important as has access to a parking space or private garage.


Gardens really have become important as people living without one may really have struggled over the last few months. Rightmove’s data reveals potential buyers searching for homes with gardens increased by 42% in May compared to the same time in 2019. The figure for renters is a staggering 84%, showing private outdoor space is something many of us are seeking after spending so much time indoors and unable to visit parks and outside spaces.


Flats are traditionally highly sought after but interest in this type of property has dropped significantly as more workspace and gardens are so much more popular. People currently living in flats probably feel the lack of space more keenly than before and this is influencing their searches for new properties too.


Show off your Greenery

With the gardens and outdoor space being so important to home seekers, this is something you should look to show off when preparing your property for the market. We’ll show off the quality and size of your garden, yard and any other external space. If your garden is not looking its best and you want to sell, now is the time to spruce it up and get it in top condition.


Even the smallest bit of greenery might make a difference so taking the time to show it if off in its best light may influence a potential buyer’s decision to visit your property. If we tap into trends in the market when trying to sell our homes, the chances of a quick sale are higher.


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