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With properties and tenants to look after as well as their own livelihoods, landlords have been amongst one of the most worried groups since the pandemic began. Many landlords have had real concerns about how they’re going to cope with the crisis, manage the loss of income and keep their tenants happy, but there are ways and means of managing properties in an effective way, allowing landlords to maintain their peace of mind.

Landlords have already received reassurance in the form of financial support from the government but many want more information about how to manage and support their tenants effectively especially in light of there being no evictions or ways of removing problem tenants. Landlords are also concerned about how to manage their properties in terms of regular and required maintenance, whilst maintaining the required social distancing measures in place to protect us against the pandemic.

Property Managers are more important than ever

The lockdown has been in place in the UK since March 23rd and within days the government provided protection against eviction for non-payment of rent for all tenants. This is in place until 30th June 2020 and left many landlords worried about paying their own bills. Many landlords have found themselves in quite vulnerable positions, especially those on the commercial side of things, as many do not know whether their tenants will be able to return at all as many commercial businesses do not know what their fate will be after the lockdown restrictions are lessened.

Property managers have become even more important, working to protect their clients with a range of methods from payment plans to deferred rental payment.

Rent collection hasn’t always been appropriate for tenants in both residential and commercial properties as many businesses and individuals haven’t got the funds available to make payment and good landlords and property managers are working with their tenants to find ways to work together to get through this difficult time.

Proactive and personalised property management really is key to working out a way through these unprecedented days.

Social Distancing and Property Maintenance

Landlords are still obliged to carry out routine and essential maintenance on their properties, but it is understandable this may be difficult considering the social distancing measures currently required. What’s more, some tenants may be less accommodating than usual due to this and therefore, the government and local authorities are recognising that landlords are not at fault if they are unable to carry out certain checks and repairs.

On occasions where repairs cannot be avoided, good property managers work with maintenance professionals who will practice social distancing and allow tenants to move upstairs or out of the way whilst works are safely carried out.

In a world where everything is slightly different, we are ready and willing to make appropriate and proactive changes for the benefit of both our teams, our landlords and tenants. A proactive approach to property management keeps everyone safe and helps maintain peace of mind too.

Bricks & Mortar have created a property management department that works for you, day or night. As a service that is as solid as it sounds, you can be assured that your investment is in safe hands. Get in touch today