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Time to spring clean your home

When spring comes around, many people feel their homes need a good clean. This doesn’t always appeal to everyone, sometimes you’ve just got to be in the mood.  Here are some tips on how to make your home look spic and span without too much effort.

First of all, make a list of jobs that need to be done. Tick them off as you go along and you’ll soon get through them all. Starting upstairs and working your way downstairs is a good idea. If you don’t have stairs, begin at the front and move to each room throughout your home.

Wherever you start off, tidy up, polish and hoover. Dust down any cobwebs you might find, often in light fittings or corners of a room. Don’t forget the skirting boards and clean the windows inside as well as outside.

Store winter blankets, duvets and bedding along with winter clothes to give yourself more space.

Clean blinds, wash curtains and remember to put cushion covers in the washing machine. This will spruce them up and make any room smell fresh.

Spring is the time of year when pretty flowers start appearing in the garden. Why not pick a few daffodils or tulips, put them in a vase and brighten up your living room?

A few other things that need a good spring clean

Don’t forget door mats – they attract a lot of dust and dirt. Hoover them thoroughly, give them a shake and replace.

Cleaning the microwave couldn’t be easier. Why not put a bowl with a chopped-up lemon, a cup of water and a few tablespoons of vinegar in it? Turn the microwave on for a few minutes then leave it for 15 minutes. Take the bowl out and wipe the inside – magic!

Grocery bags – to cut down on plastic, almost everyone is now buying reusable grocery bags. After a while bags can gather dirt so put them in the washing machine inside out, then dry on the washing line.

The fridge – this is one of the most used white appliances in most kitchens. It’s very important to keep it clean every day but when it comes to spring-cleaning, take out all of the shelves and compartments. Washing them in warm water will get rid of spillages and any bacteria.

The oven – not a favourite chore but one that should be tackled at least once a year. Baked on grime is difficult to remove. Soften it first by putting a hot, wet cloth on top of it, scrub with a heavy-duty pad and then wipe dry.

The bathroom – if you clean the bath after taking a dip, there won’t be a scummy line around it. Not cleaning after a bath makes the job much more difficult. Wash around the taps, clean the shower head and make sure the grouting in between the tiles is kept clean.

If you have any spring-cleaning handy hints and tips, send them to us at Bricks & Mortar. We’d love to hear from you.