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Viewing a property? Tips to look out for

So, a property has caught your eye and you have arranged a viewing. You are more than likely to be a little excited and looking forward to setting foot inside the door. Don’t let falling in love with a property cloud your judgement.

Have a few questions in mind to ask the estate agent before viewing like:-

  1. How long have the sellers lived there?

There are so many reasons why people decide to move. From downsizing to upsizing, relocating to a new job or a change in lifestyle. For peace of mind, try to find out why the current property owner has the house on the market.

  1. How long has the property been for sale?

This is a very important question to ask the estate agent. How long the property has been on the market will give you an indication of how sought after it is. If it’s been up for sale for 6 months or longer, ask why. There may be underlying problems.

  1. What’s the area like?

Location is usually one of the key factors when searching for a property. It’s a good idea to inquire about local amenities, facilities and transport links. If you have a family, what are the schools like and where are they?

  1. What’s included in the sale?

Find out from the estate agent as well as the seller exactly what’s included in the sale. You need to know what you’re getting for your money before putting in an offer.

  1. What are the utility bills and council tax like?

To get an idea of the monthly outgoings, see what the average cost of the utility bills and local council tax charge are. On your current budget can you really afford the mortgage and all the bills?

  1. Is the house listed or in a conservation area?

If interested in a property with a renovation project in mind, be sure to do some research first. Is the house listed or in a conservation area? Will you want to extend the property? Ask where the boundaries lie.

  1. Which way does the house face?

South facing properties are very desirable. For many keen gardeners a south facing property is a must. The sun tends to shine in this direction for most of the day, ideal for gardening enthusiasts.

  1. Home improvements

Has the property benefited from any home improvements recently? This could be painting and decorating projects or new carpets laid. Remember some homeowners try to conceal damp or hidden cracks before the house is put on the market. Arrange a full property survey, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. What is the current position of the sellers?

If the sellers have already found a property to move into and are looking for a quick sale, there may be room for negotiation on the price. The estate agent will let you know if there have been any offers submitted so you can then put in a competitive offer.

Whatever questions you would like to ask one of our friendly advisers here at Bricks & Mortar will be able to help you.