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What Landlords Should Know About Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

EPC which stands for Energy Performance Certificates is part of the property renting process. These certificates are designed to make sure properties have an E rating or above before they are rented out to a tenant. Most landlords understand EPCs, however, here’s some more helpful information about them.

Energy efficiency is very important to us all. If heat is lost through the windows or roof because there are gaps, heating costs can be extremely high. Energy ratings start from A through to G with F and G being the most inefficient.

All landlords must comply with the EPC legislation to ensure their property meets a minimum level of E for energy performance. This is checked through an assessment with an EPC then given to the landlord. It’s a regulation every landlord must have in order to legally rent out a property.

Complying with the new legislation

Here are some of the requirements needed to comply with the new Energy Performance Certificate legislation:-

  • Before renting a property out, you need to commission an EPC.
  • This should be available to the prospective tenant and the local council, who may ask to see it.
  • Qualified assessors produce EPCs. These assessors have been certified and registered with the Local Government in England and Wales as well as the Department for Communities.
  • An EPC usually costs somewhere between £60-£120.
  • Landlords who don’t have an EPC and rent out their property could be fined £200.
  • From April 2018, properties with an EPC rating of E and above can be rented out. However, those with an F or G rating are unable to rent out property.

Choose the right EPC service

Although the process of obtaining an EPC is fairly straightforward, it has been reported recently that approximately 33,000 properties in the UK are being let illegally. Statistics indicate that this is because they have an F rating or below. With this in mind, always use the services of a reputable EPC assessor.

Some reports have highlighted that more than 2.5 million EPCs in the UK have the wrong assessment. This is down to incorrectly assessing the size of the actual building and the size of the rooms.

Researchers have discovered that the wrong assessment of sizes could be as much as 10% to the true measurement of the property. Some properties which were assessed at D or E have been downgraded to F or G. This means many landlords are actually breaking the law without even realising it.

If your rental property is a C rating or above, there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you drop down a band you will still be within the rules. With the EPC ruling being so rigid, it’s recommended to choose a professional and reliable EPC assessor, one who has a proven reputation for giving accurate results.

Get the help you need

If you have any worries about Energy Performance Certificates, get in touch with the professionals. EPC specialists have years of experience in helping landlords protect their investments by staying within the rules.