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Why is my home not selling?

Selling your home can be so frustrating. You may have lots of people viewing, but no offers. Don’t worry! There are things you can do to try to get those offers flooding in. Here are some handy tips:

1. Change the price of the property

This is a good idea especially if you feel your home is attracting no interest from prospective buyers. Putting the property on the market at a reasonable price should create offers. Selling also depends on current demand and of course the location. With housing market prices fluctuating, buyers have a good choice of whether to view or not. If they think a property is overpriced, it’s sure to be crossed off their list.

An experienced letting agent can secure the best price in the required timescale. If the price is a bit low, a quick sale could damage the agent’s reputation. If the price is too high, any advertising could be a waste of time. Factors like noise from passing traffic or no parking may put buyers off too unless the house price reflects these issues.

2. Presentation of property

A property in good condition and well-presented should sell pretty quickly. Viewers will be able to picture their furniture and belongings in it. Hopefully, they will then make an acceptable offer.

If the property is in need of a complete makeover, maybe an extension or needs some TLC, this could put buyers off. Many prospective buyers are stretched enough financially to start with. They might not have that extra cash to change the look of the home.

Gardens also come into the equation in terms of presentation of a property. They are the first thing a prospective buyer sees, so the garden has to be tidy, attractive and easy to manage. Always clean your front door and outside window sills before someone comes to view. Take a look yourself at how presentable your home is from the outside. Buyers will also see this picture, so if it is right for you, it’s probably right for them.

3. Use a reputable letting agent

When a reliable letting agent is doing a lot of work on your behalf, you have a better chance of a sale. If your agent doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with the sale of your property, look elsewhere. A dedicated agent will work very hard spending time on the phone and searching for prospective buyers. They make sure photographs and descriptions of your property are clear and concise while updating any information on a regular basis. Should the agent not be pulling his or her weight, your house just won’t sell.

There may be other reasons why your property isn’t selling quickly. With house market conditions changing so much, prices go up and down. A recommended letting agent should put you onto the right path to a successful sale.