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RENT PROTECTION and legal expenses

If can be tough to deal with if a tenant ever defaults on their rent and puts you in financial difficulty and/or breaches other aspects of their tenancy.

With rent protection and legal assistance, remove the hassle, stress and responsibility away from you. 

  • Nil excess
  • Up to £100,000 in legal cover
  • Serving of notices including Section 21 and Section 8
  • Rent recovery
  • Property damage recovery
  • 75% of rent paid two months after vacant possession
  • Eviction of squatters
  • Contract dispute protection
  • Auto-renewal process 
  • Automated claims process

Prices start at just £186 inc IPT (prices vary depending on bed size and monthly rental amount)



It can be a struggle for prospective tenants to pay rent and a damage deposit to move into a property. Being able to offer a property with an insured deposit can enable you to reach a significantly increased number of potential tenants.

The tenants borne the cost of the deposit scheme and should there be any dispute at the end of the tenancy, this is taken care of by an independent adjudicator.

Benefits include:

  • More protection for your property than a 'traditional' deposit with up to two month's rental arrears covered
  • Tenants will pay less in comparison to a normal deposit in a one-off non-refundable payment
  • As a deposit replacement scheme, any disputes at the end of a tenancy are reviewed by an impartial third-party adjudicator



We can offer insurance for landlords and tenants.*

  • Choose your excess
  • Choose your payment frequency- monthly or annually
  • Choose your additional cover from a range of options- buildings insurance, contents insurance, accidental damage, rent protection and more
  • Malicious and Accidental Tenant Damage option

Tenants will also have the option to purchase contents insurance.

* Please note that it is a third party company that we will refer you to for quotes. The insurance policy is not underwritten by The Bricks & Mortar Group.


With our range of protection services, tenants and landlords get peace of mind with Bricks & Mortar Protect. Contact us today for further information on how our policies on offer can help you. 

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