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When it comes to the buying or selling process, Bricks and Mortar have created a fresh concept in its approach; to create the ‘New Traditional.’

The sales market has been completely revolutionised from the days of the High Street agent. Whilst in-house and print advertising are still there, nearly all homebuyers choose the convenience of searching for their next home to buy online. The digital platforms have created this shift and made the property searching and listing easier than ever

A New Kind of Estate Agent based in Newcastle

Here at Bricks and Mortar, we felt that this new wave of property sales and purchasing was lacking the conventional values, personality and passion of the existing property agents.

The future of property doesn’t have to be faceless.

We have therefore combined the digital dynamics of the hybrid models with the enthusiastic energy of our sales consultants to ensure that whether you’re buying or selling in Newcastle or the surrounding area, your experience will be as smooth as possible and you will always be in the know. Bricks and Mortar have taken property to the next step. It is new, yet, traditional and certainly a first for estate agents in Newcastle.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home or selling your tenth, we have designed our service to suit you. We are there from the start, from; in-depth market insights, tailored valuation reports, vibrant advertising and professional photography, accompanied viewings, knowledgeable negotiations and your own bespoke property progress portal along with a dedicated property manager to guide you through to completion and beyond.

Dream homes, done digitally. Professional service, done personally.

Have a property that you're thinking of selling? Contact us for a free consultation with Bricks & Mortar on how we can help sell your home. 

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