With our consultancy service, our professional advice, reputable experience and unrivalled knowledge ensures that we can cater to all of your needs. 

There's more to marketing a property than just putting a rental or sales figure to it and hoping to achieve best price. We know our market and we are there to maximise your property to its full potential. 

Our consultants can discuss details including a marketing strategy for thorough exposure- we’re not just limited to the standard advertising offered by most agents, we can create visual marketing such as creatively designed poster boards, email campaigns to our huge database and so much more to suit the nature of your property or development where applicable.

With our home staging service, our consultants can advise on how this can significantly benefit the interest and enquiry levels of your property as it will stand out from the crowd, attracting an influx of interest and help you achieve a higher marker value than its competitors in the area. Simple details such as lighting, position of furniture and camera angles can all assist in our professional photography really showing why tenants or buyers should choose your property. 

We understand what prospective tenants and purchasers want; price, location, condition. Your property may not be in the area a prospective searcher is specifically looking at, but with the right advice from our consultants, compromise won't seem a negative as we can ensure that your property is as appealing as it can be. Whether its a simple, inexpensive change such as implementing feature colours or giving it an appropriate rental or sales price, it will let or sell with ease. 

Our consultants are not limited to just giving advice on the marketing of your property or how it looks, in a highly controlled and moderated industry, keeping up with legislation is crucial. Our team can provide information to ensure that your property meets the latest standards in health and safety regulations and keep you in the know with necessary checks and certificates required.

For developers of larger projects and buildings, we can go from the basics such as planning applications and restrictions, recommending surveyors, builders and beyond. With a history of our own developments, we have a hands-on experience from small to large scale projects- we've been in your shoes! 

Your investment needs to be worth your time and your money. If you're thinking about purchasing your first buy-to-let or looking to add to your portfolio and want to know its a safe bet, our consultants can give you the facts- expected yield, if its worth the price on offer, what can be done to add value, where is best to buy and more. Before buying your next property- talk to us. 

Our consultancy lives in both of our worlds. 

Online, we have created a website that you can really visit. From our latest blog updates, regular e-news and more, we open our online doors so you can benefit from our wealth of property knowledge and passion.

On the high street our skilled consultants are there to assist over the phone or face to face in the office for a friendly chat over a coffee. So whether you’re a first-time landlord confused about where to start when it comes to renting out your property or a vendor looking to maximise your sale price, feel free to make an appointment with a member of our team, we’ll even get the biscuits out!

No matter what your property requirements are, contact us for a consultation appointment with one of our experts. 

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